Our translation services are personally suited to your unique needs.
Real translation reflects the intentions of the parties, not just the spoken words.

Jammie Lan’s absolute fluency in both Chinese and English ensures maximum accuracy in message delivery, taking into consideration the cultural and business norms of both parties.

Our rich business experience, together with a profound understanding of competitive demands, availability, creativity and efficiency of the business world, allows us to provide you with a variety of translation services that have been tailormade for you, while meeting the required deadline.

We will provide you with a variety of business translation services:

  • Translations into and from Chinese
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpretations
  • Conversation, conference and committee translations
  • Negotiation translations (jointly with business consulting if required)
  • Document translations
  • Notarized translation and certification
  • Presentation, business card, business profile etc. translations
  • Film transcription and translation, subtitle embedding and narration
  • Website localization and promotion through SEO and Chinese social networks.



Culture is a world; a world of images, experiences, beliefs and mindsets.
Business culture is based on such worlds, which are inherent in us since childhood.

The Chinese and Israeli cultures have shared characteristics, but also great differences.
Jammie Lan, as a Chinese native who has had a long-running relationship with an Israeli partner, has an intimate understanding of both Chinese and Israeli cultures alike.

On the arrival of delegations from China and business visits of Chinese people to Israel, the cultural, lingual, custom and mentality differences and subtleties might lead the two parties to grow apart, cause misunderstandings and even torpedo transactions. Jammie could provide you with business consulting that will allow you to bridge the cultural and lingual gaps.

We will provide you with professional and efficient consulting, taking into consideration each and every detail. We will help you to identify and solve any misunderstanding or problem that might come up. We will pave way for business success and base a strong relationship, while keeping your interests and goals in complete confidence.

Accompaniment and Guidance

The State of Israel attracts the Chinese people: the history of the Jewish people, bible stories, from the cradle of Christianity to our times, Israel is seen as a start-up that has risen from the desert. These provide fascinating trips for Chinese visitors.

Jammie Lan will turn Chinese visitors’ stay into a unique and impressive experience. We work with both individuals and whole groups. We can organize a complete package for you, which includes:

  • Organizing and guiding tours in Israel
  • Employee trainings
  • Professional teaching programs
  • Business conferences
  • Academic seminars
  • Official dinners

Call us with any question related to your Chinese guests.

Teaching Chinese

Chinese is the language of tomorrow, with about 2 billion Chinese speakers worldwide.

China is the world’s fastest growing economy, and will soon surpass the USA, becoming the world’s largest economy.

Chinese is one the world’s ancient, most fascinating cultures.

Learning Chinese opens a window of opportunity to get to know a dynamic economy and sense the unique culture.

Jammie Lan graduated from the Guangdong University of Technology, has 5 years of teaching experience and will allow you to learn Chinese in the most easy and efficient way.

Jammie teaches how to read, write and speak in Chinese, to both individuals and groups. With Jammie as your teacher, you will easily and rapidly attain an understanding of, and fluency in, the Chinese language, with a focus on the vocabulary that is relevant to you.

Jammie teaches both Mandarin and Cantonese, has experience in working with all ages (5+) and at all levels, from beginners who are taking their first crack at learning Chinese to the more advanced learners who are interesting in attaining profound, native-like fluency.

Read what Jammie’s students have said about her.

Jammie has developed a unique program for businessmen, allowing them to rapidly and easily acquire a basic understanding of the relevant business vocabulary. Read more about the unique workshop for companies and businessmen. 

Notarized Translation into Chinese

Israelis operating in China sometimes require notary approval for translations of certificates and official documents in order to get a work and residence visa in China.

Jammie Lan works closely with an experienced, certified notary public to provide you with a fast and accurate translation, which is supported by the translator’s notarized statement.

We translate and provide notarization for the following documents:

  • Birth certificates
  • Certificates of higher education
  • CVs
  • Confirmation for Lack of Criminal Record
  • Marriage certificates
  • Driving licenses
  • Patent approvals
  • Bank documents etc.

Business Connection Services

An immediate, efficient and successful business connection requires an understanding of the business culture the partners are coming from.

Jammie Lan grew up in China and had been a Chinese business woman for years. Jammie has been working with Israeli businessmen for the past decade, and has been living and working in Israel in the past three years.

Jammie will create the bridge you need for a successful business connection with your future partners in China.

Her command of Chinese, English and Hebrew, jointly with proven business capabilities, form the perfect basis for creating a fruitful, stable business connection between Israel and China.

During her years of activity in Israel, Jammie has helped connect a variety of small, moderate and large Israeli forms with businessmen, investors and companies in China.

  • Business calls
  • Vendor finding
  • Company establishment in China and Hong Kong
  • Forming an itinerary for your Chinese guests’ visit to Israel
  • Accompanying business trips to China
  • Accompanying the Canton Fair and other exhibits throughout China and Hong Kong
  • And everything else you might need for your operations in China.

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